Wall panels, the next step after our POV and Temper material research

POV wall_Kortrijkkortrijk2014

When you walk around the P.O.V. cookie jar it changes colour as you move along. Quite the visual wizardry if you ask us. But how would it be if this happens from floor to ceiling? On the full scope of your eyes vision? Like with any magic you don’t figure out if it is too high-tech to comprehend or too low-tech to see the principle behind it. But let you be the judge of this when you see it yourself and check out this video!

POV wall_LRtemperwall1_LR

Inspired by one of our projects we also developed the Temper Panel. These wall panels have been very unscientifically tempered and go through a wild transformation of colors, becoming a rather precise thermometer, the color representing a different temperature. At 250˚C the Temper Panel turns bronze, at 270˚C it turns to purple and at 290˚C the color is blue. After revealing the steel true colours the panels are finished in a glossy coating.

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