Thank you for your interest in Haphazard Harmony the tableware collection by Maarten Baas.
Of course there is more to say about it. That’s why we summarized the most important information.


Q is their a difference between the earlier version of the tableware and this renewed one?
A no, it is made with the same molds and the same material and finishes. When combined you do not see any difference besides it says Maarten Baas by DHPH at the bottom now.

Q will the earlier version of the tableware still be available?
A no, DHPH is the single producer and distributor of the tableware.

Q can private clients purchase the separate pieces through DHPH?
A no, we are not organised to handle and ship small orders and work with dealers therefore.

Q will Haphazard Harmony salespoints be mentioned on your website?
A yes, a summary of all salespoints for Haphazard Harmony will be placed at our website.

Q can you garantee delivery times? how is this organised now?
A DHPH orders and handles the pieces directly out of own stock, with no other parties involved. Besides a delay when restocking we will have the pieces inhouse for delivery.

Q what are the prices and conditions for wholesale?
A roughly the retailprices stayed the same allthough some changes needed to be made. Contact us for more  info.

Q is there a minimum order quantity for the tableware?
A yes, orders for reselling the Haphazard Harmony tableware must be at least € 250,- wholesale price. Furthermore there are order units per product, contact us for more  info.

Q is transport included in the price?
A no, we ship all over the world but in very small amounts, to little to standardize transport and incorporate the costs in the products. This goes for all our products. Read more about transport.

If you would like to receive more detailed information about the tableware, sales conditions or the collaboration with DHPH, feel free to contact us.

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