Q: is DHPH a design label?
A: we make products mostly by hand in editions to small to warrant setting up a production line. We do this with a team of craftsmen that can handle the complexity of the pieces well enough to make them look simple again in the end. Having made the pieces, we sell them, either directly or through dealers who like what we make as much as we do ourselves. The designs come from designers who match our way of making things.

Q: does DHPH make custom pieces or only catalogue pieces?
A: we started out by making almost only custom pieces, this lead to pieces becoming products. Now we still do both, catalogue pieces as you find them under Products and custom pieces being variations on these products or concepts. If you are interested in something simply email us with your request.

Q: what kinds of people ask DHPH to make a custom?
A: we work with private clients as well as architects and project developers. We like working with people and architects as this creates room to make the best match between a product and the space it is used in, whether this is someone’s interior or in a larger scale project.

Q: can people order directly from DHPH?
A: yes you can. We make all the pieces under Products and sell them as well. When you push the info button, an email to us is generated with your request for more info. If there is a sales point near you, they might have what you are looking for as well.

Q: are all pieces of Maarten Baas available through DHPH?
A: the open editions like Plain Clay and Clay are available through DHPH and the sales points of DHPH. Limited editions like Sculpt and Smoke, commissions and special requests go through Maarten Baas himself, info@maartenbaas.com.

Q: is Bas den Herder family of Maarten Bas, or is it Bass? Or Baas? I don’t understand…
A: Bas (den Herder) my first name is commonly confused with (Maarten) Baas his last name. In the years we have worked together we have heard many variations and combinations. In reality there is a designer called Maarten Baas and a maker Bas den Herder.

Q: the Tools chandelier is like the one I know from Moooi…
A: while making the Tools Clamp light, we considered making a light over a table leading to the chandelier. While making it we started calling it “Dear Ron” as Fabien Dumas has close ties with Ingo Maurer and thought it would be a nice wink in the direction of Ron Gilad and Moooi.

Q: is the lamp by Bertjan Pot called Downstairs or Stairway to Heaven?
A: when the 8 step was made by Bertjan Pot for a project in Schiedam, he initially called it “Stairway to Heaven”. Later on it was developed into a product, the bar of the ladder came of and it got renamed to Downstairs. With winning the award, it got its popular name: Downstairs a.k.a. “Stairway to Heaven”.

Q: can I apply for an internship at DHPH?
A: DHPH is a Production House that makes products. If you are interested in the making of things and you are a very practical handy person, you can apply. Minimum is 3 months, preferably longer.

Q: is DHPH looking for technical staff?
A: we will add jobs to the site as DHPH is always looking for technical staff. We work with people on a freelance base and on a regular base. If you are an experienced technical worker who likes making small series in a productive, innovative environment and you have a good sense for detail and learn quickly, contact us.


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