POV wall_3367_LR_AvanderPloeg P.O.V.
The P.O.V. is a series of objects which change color when you walk around it. Quite the visual wizardry if you ask us. True wizardry you can’t grasp as colors move from floor to ceiling on the full scope of your eyes vision as you wander by. When looking at it, the Wall Panels give you the feeling of of high-tech and low-tech at the same time.

exploded chandelier-lores-uit

The Exploded Chandelier
The Exploded Chandelier tells the story of old en new. Of different worlds that come together in one piece. The lamp is made out of second hand brass chandeliers typically found at old-fashioned dutch bars and rearranged into an exploded view. By doing so, the viewer is reminded of those old fragmented pieces and at the same time surprised to see the combination of those pieces in a new and modern context.
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