Clay_bench_orange high res Clay

Clay furniture is made of synthetic Clay with a metal “skeleton” inside to reinforce the structure. All pieces are modeled by hand. No moulds are used in the production, making each piece unique.
 The eight standard colors of the Clay series are: black, white, brown, red, yellow, blue, orange and green. Custom pieces can be made on request.
120406_0020 mat Plain Clay
Based on the concept of the earlier Clay series, the Plain Clay Series was made. In this rudimentary Clay series, the fingerprints of the hands that squeezed the clay are still visible, making each piece of furniture a unique handmade product.
 For the restaurant of the Groninger Museum, the material has been developed further in order to make it more suitable for public use. The clay of the Plain Collection is treated in such way that the pieces don’t need to be lacquered like the original Clay series. Through a special technique, the material is pigmented in order to create the different colors of the collection: Black, Blue, Red and Natural.
Custom pieces can be made on request.
LEDS Clay_desk light_white_LR copy LEDS Clay
Bertjan Pot en Maarten Baas made LEDS Clay: a series of lights in which the handwriting of both designers is clearly visible.
thumbStriped Striped Clay
Maarten Baas and Bertjan Pot have been designers well know for their own typical styles but what happens when great forces join? Indeed the Show is on and when this master class ended, the Striped Clay series was born. A crossover in which both signatures are easy to recognize however the outcome is less obvious. A chair is the first piece in this series.



Real Time

Film, theater and design come together in a collection of clocks. Real Time caused a sensation in the design world and won several international design awards. The Grandfather Clocks in the series are exclusive limited editions in the collections of museums and private collectors worldwide. 
In the Sweepers Clock, some people are making the hands of a clock by sweeping garbage all day long. In the Analog Digital Clock someone was filmed actually painting the time. With a bucket of paint he manually changes the digits on an old-school digital clock.
HH SET coffee_LR Haphazard Harmony
Haphazard Harmony is a full range of tableware in porcelain. Based on intuitive little sketches, the master model of every single plate, every cup and every saucer is shaped by hand. Baas makes pieces in which the personality and spontaneity of the maker can still be seen and felt. The individual pieces have random shapes, but are in perfect harmony together.
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