The lights in the Tools series are ready-made lighting objects. By combining common tools like the ruler and clamp with existing light fittings and other components, the light acquires its form and function. By adjusting the ruler-arm, you can extend the light and position it the way you want it. By moving the fitting and the head of the light, you can direct the light to were you like it.
Fabien: “Combining this incomparable mix of materials into a narrative design is an invocation to poetry. The poetry of making, collage-ing, and prototyping.”
The series consists of the Tools Desk Light, a standalone desk light. The Tools Clamp Light, where the base is made of a casted wood clamp. And last but not least “Dear Ron”, 
The Tools Chandelier where the clamps are mounted on a frame. The frame is mounted to the ceiling and can be adjusted in height. The light is an homage to Ron Gilad, who made an homage to Ingo Maurer with the “Dear Ingo”.
Besides these models we can make Tools Custom Lights where the lights are customised to specification.
All pieces come with 14W fluorescent lights.
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