Downstairs 6_LR Downstairs

The Downstairs, also known as ‘Stairway to heaven’, is not your average chandelier. Where normally the eye is seduced by shiny metal and flickering crystals, your jaw might now drop by seeing this light-piece and realizing that you are looking at a safety-ladder with carnival lights. The Downstairs comes with bulbs or with LED.
 The Downstairs a.k.a. “Stairway to Heaven” has won the Frame-Moooi Award 2012
DD 70 cm vrijstaand kopspiegel_LR_thumb Disco Dome

The inside out mirror ball of Studio Bertjan Pot’s Disco Dome reflects your surroundings in thousands of facets. It creates the perfect atmosphere for a private party over a dinner table or in your hallway.
Disco Dish
During the production process of the Disco Dome, we built a stand to make the glueing of the mirrors easier. The effect of looking down into the mirrors was so dazzling that the idea for the Disco Dish was born on the spot.
thumbLED “Come on LED’s go!”
LED-Carnival lights on a structure made out of square mesh, Studio Bertjan Pot’s latest light attraction. “Ooh baby we like it raw!” It comes in many colors and sizes. “Come on, LED’s go, go, go, o, o, o!”
LEDS Clay_desk light_white_LR copy LEDS Clay
Bertjan Pot en Maarten Baas made LEDS Clay: a series of lights in which the handwriting of both designers is clearly visible.
thumbStriped Striped Clay
Maarten Baas and Bertjan Pot have been designers well know for their own typical styles but what happens when great forces join? Indeed the Show is on and when this master class ended, the Striped Clay series was born. A crossover in which both signatures are easy to recognize however the outcome is less obvious. A chair is the first piece in this series.
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