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 Designers about DHPH
mb Maarten Baas
Den Herder Production House derived from studio Baas & den Herder, in which I, Maarten Baas, designed, and Bas den Herder produced (our names, Baas and Bas, are similar, but we’re 2 persons!). It has always been a very good match, since Bas has exactly the good skills to make the kind of products I’d like to design. Small series, unique pieces in experimental techniques, delivering the highest possible quality. Unlike many production factories, DHPH is a studio, that tries new techniques, seeing the design as a process that takes place in the workshop. Many times I heard of colleague designers: “I wished I had someone like den Herder!”. That’s how the idea came up to use the qualities of the studio also for other designers and other projects. Bas is a authentic, humoristic, responsible and a hard working man, who simply should be making beautiful products. And that’s what DHPH does.
For more information visit Maarten’s website: www.maartenbaas.com
bjp Bertjan Pot
I have a thing for production facilities, especially complicated machines that make clever products. Today’s machines that are able to create things that we couldn’t make last year are just awesome.
But some things though, are just better produced by a pair of skillful hands and a matching brain. This is when DHPH comes in and takes care of business.
For more information visit Bertjan’s website: www.bertjanpot.nl
fd Fabien Dumas
“It had to be you, wonderful you, It had to be you”
Just as Frank Sinatra once sang, it turned pretty fast into an evidence to me that DHPH was the best possible partner to produce Tools. There are a just a few (companies) willing to bet on handcrafted objects but Bas goes even further by dedicating the entire studio to the development of small series and customized pieces. His knowledge in this field, a skilled team and a quasi limitless imagination allow them to turn fantasy into reality and to go on with smart solutions where others abandon.
For more information visit Fabien’s website: www.toomanydesigners.net
ml Max Lipsey
DHPH is a great collaborator from a designer’s point of view. They have the know-how and flexibility to tackle the weird and experimental
projects, dig in deep, and find smart solutions where other companies might turn away. They can make things no one else could. Plus, they work on a farm!
For more information visit Max’s website: www.lipsmax.net
gt gt2P
Meeting DHPH at Kortrijk was a happy coincidence. We were looking for someone who valued the careful production of details… and Den Herder is the man! We don’t discard the idea of selling by catalog, but since we are architect our interest lies at larger interior projects customizing the products. It is what we have called the “mass customization” from the beginning… and DHPH knew how to interpret and manufacture it.
Our first “Euro-Latin American” co-creation, with Bas and his team has been really “Gool”!
For more information visit gt2P’s website: www.gt2p.com
ns Nightshop
When we first saw DHPH’s Bas walking around on his clogs during a
fancypants design fair, we immediately knew this guy was something
different. Upon working with DHPH, this feeling remained: Something
different. DHPH doesn’t simply produce. They have been deeply engaged in our designproces feeding it from within without interfering too much. Collaborating with them made our P.O.V. products far better than we could have imagined.
For more info visit Nightshop’s website: www.intothenightshop.nl


DHPH about Designers
When I saw the pictures of the Rooms Hotel in the Caucasus Mountains I thought wow I would like to go there one day. The atmosphere inside feels like a mountain cabin where the fire is burning and you can comfortably hide away from the elements outside. I was curious to who “did” this as creating an intimate atmosphere at this scale acquires a great sense of aesthetics. The way it connects to the USSR history, the use of local materials and references to regional crafts give the place the feeling it has always been there, just to realize it wasn’t. I looked forward to meeting the people behind Rooms, Nata and Keti as I couldn’t imagine we wouldn’t connect on the aesthetics of things and we did…
For more information visit Rooms website: www.rooms.ge
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