– Max Lipsey

Wall panels, the next step after our POV and Temper material research

Inspired by one of our projects we also developed the Temper Panel. These wall panels have been very…… Continue reading

Soon: DHPH at Kortrijk Interieur, Belgium – 17-26 October 2014

If you visited our show in Milan you can imagine the circus mood stayed with us for a fair bit longer. Now the show is on in Kortrijk with flickering lights and again lots to see… Continue reading

DHPH at Salone del Mobile 2014

DHPH joined forces with the Baas caravan to built and set up the BAAS IS IN TOWN show and to show our own works next door, at the Side Show. New products like the Striped Clay Chair, the Exploded Chandelier, the Plain Clay Table with Light, the “Come on, LED’s go!”-lights… Continue reading

DHPH at Inside Design Amsterdam 2013

A great building and ambience to show the DHPH collection in, from Friday 27th to Sunday 29th September. A few new works like the Exploded Chandelier by NIGHTSHOP and the all White Disco Dish can been seen…. Continue reading

DHPH after Salone del Mobile 2013

After the Salone del Mobile we are finalizing the development of the products we presented. With the great interest in the Disco Dish we are currently looking into making a white and a black version. The Temper Chair is … Continue reading

DHPH at Salone del Mobile 2013: New Products in Milan

Inside the Ventura Warehouse next to the restaurant, where we show all our new products, the ambience is great and we are enjoying our stay! We are also showing a selection of our works at Rossana Orlandi. Continue reading

Soon: DHPH at Salone del Mobile 2013

After last year’s Ventura Bar we went back into the workshop with Maarten Baas and Bertjan Pot to work on new products. We also embarked on new collaborations with Nightshop, Max Lipsey and gt2P, as the products were to good to be true. Continue reading