Terms and Conditions
Availability depends on our current stock and production agenda. For standard products our delivery time is approximately 8 weeks.
All texts and images are subject to change. Although every precaution is taken, errors in prices and descriptions may occur on our web site and in printing. We reserve the right to correct any such error. No rights can be claimed based on this website or printed documents.
All sizes are average sizes in centimeters.
All models are unique, mostly handmade and may slightly differ from the models shown in the pictures.
All our products are designed as works of art and are sold as such. The orderer is expected to regard these products as works of art. In the event that these works of art are used as functional objects, they shall not be subject to the usual requirements of a functional object. We therefore accept no liability arising from any use of these products other than as works of art.

With DHPH we sell our works through galleries, high end interior shops and museum shops. We make exclusive products that sell in little quantities all over the world.
For this reason we do not have a large scale commercial organisation and logistic department.
Besides this there is very little standard in what we ship. For this reason we cannot standardize transport and include transport costs in the price of the product.
Therefore we deliver Ex Works at our studio, transport and crating is not included in the price (unless stated otherwise) and can be either arranged by the client (retailer) or by DHPH.
The client (retailer) can decide what is most profitable solution to organise transport. Either  through their network of transport companies or by combining transports at their end.
As an extra service we can crate the pieces for better protection. In general this leads to more careful handling by transport companies.
Another reason why clients ask us to crate larger orders is because the packing volume of all pieces packed separately in boxes, is significantly bigger than fitting them together in a collective crate.
On a shipment to for instance Brazil, the extra costs for crating are a lot lower than the extra cost on transport of a larger volume with a large risk of damage..

Packing: in cardboard box or crated?
All small works like Haphazard Harmony tableware are packed in cardboard boxes for transport. Other works are packed in boxes when possible.
A large part of our works are very vulnerable, like the non standard custom pieces. For these costly and vulnerable works packing in a box is not suitable.
The works often travel outside Europe and overseas, both by sea as by air.
With our clients requesting safe travel of the works we ended up crating the goods.
We partnered with specialized companies minimizing the risk of damage during transport. The clients and dealers decide themselves how they want the works transported, by see or by air. With a collective or dedicated transport.
This leads to a great variation and therefore crating and transport are not included.

Insurance of the works during transport
To be arranged by the party organising the transport.

RRP and global price variations
Galleries and shops incorporate the costs for transport, customs, handling in their retail prices. Therefore a Clay Dining chair in Amsterdam, London, New York and Tokyo won’t have the same price.
For this reason we communicate RRP’s in our pricelists, Ex Works at our studio.
Variations to our RRP’s in different areas of the world are the result of these different costs.


To all our deliveries our General Terms and Conditions do apply.

Download our General Terms & Conditions:

General Terms & Condtions 2012, Den Herder Production House
Algemene Voorwaarden 2012, Den Herder Production House

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