Teun van Orsouw, HKU Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, The Netherlands

As HKU student you learn how to achieve under pressure, while preserving a certain level of originality, creativity, quality and depth. But the amount of assignments, accompanied with the load of work, makes it hard to maintain this level. So what I wished to learn, was how to keep overview over my projects. And moreover, finish projects in an efficient and creative way.

At DHPH I was impressed by their process management. And I saw how this actually works in real life. But maybe even more important; how essential it is to separate the concept phase and the production phase. I learned both phases require a totally different approach. During my time at the farm I focussed on the production phase. And I was amazed by the fact different disciplines worked so well and organized together, while working towards one final product.

But this wouldn’t be possible without the open and laidback vibe at DHPH. This in comparison to the level of hard work they managed to obtain every day. From the start I felt at ease at DHPH. They had given me the confidence and trust I needed. And so on their knowledge and skills were more accessible to me. This made it less difficult to adopt the skills and knowledge they offered.

I would like to thank all my passionate, crazy (skilled) and caring colleagues of DHPH. But also the brilliant people I met in Milan, at Studio Bas Sala and everybody along the way. For all enlightening moments and the valuable life lessons…


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