Schermafbeelding 2015-10-22 om 11.54.54
Stevie Lechner, Politecnico di Milano, Italy


A lot of people we look up to tell us it is among the most important things in our professional lives to find what we love. At DHPH I met a bunch of passionates each of which has found that very thing, reinventing themselves everyday.

The willingness to share their vast technical and economical knowledge is another thing I was very much impressed by. I was able to extend my practical skills enormously due to everybody’s support and helpfulness. The thing I enjoyed most was the huge variety in tasks. From things like welding and grinding across preparing technical data all the way to digging out a stuck caravan in the middle of the night I always found myself challenged with things I’d never have expected. This doing-without-knowing attitude really taught me a lot.

After all I had one oft he best summers in my life, found a lot of friends and saw how a relaxed but thought-out approach can boost productivity. Thanks to everyone there, especially Bas and his family who made me feel cosy at the farm. Back

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