fotoNIMA Nima Fardi, Politecnico di Milano, Milan
I think, being an intern in DHPH is more than what is called a “trainee”; it is learning a life style. Here, I had a great and exciting experience, learning continuously not only in the working hours, but also experiencing off hours.

In the context of design, I learnt that my imagination could go anywhere; and I can easily pass the boarders, without worrying what is art and what is design. Here, I have learnt how to reach to a product from a simple concept; more importantly, learnt how to reach a design object, by considering the additional values which can also look like as simple as a finger touch. From making computer 3D models to claying a table and learning how to weld, I am enjoying everything here. These are to the addition that I enjoy a super friendly working environment.

Furthermore, my leisure time was exotic; spending my time in the farm and sleeping in a trailer with quiet nights, cutting the grass with a tractor, taking care of the animals, trimming the trees with a chain saw, rafting on the rivers, running off road in the landscapes, staying away from the crowded cities and lot more. These are the memories that will be in my mind for years to come.


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