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Mattia Fregola, ISIA Faenza, Italy; National College of Arts and Design, Dublin


After the internship, I now classify the word “DHPH” as a verb as well an adjective. It sums up all the words cool, fun, unique, enjoyable, meticulous, detailed, satisfactory. I learned many things in the world of design and got to a less romantic idea of what Design and Art actually are. This DHPH-ed image of what it all takes to go from an idea to a concept, and onto prototype and finally a product opened my eyes on the complexity involved. The perspective of how to communicate work, connect to clients and the “market” created a new paradigm for me. It was confronting and satisfying to grow so intense on so many fields.


So, to sum up the internship, the experience of my great Design Clash is something I cannot think of without DHPH-ing it. Greatly supported by the most DHPH people I have ever met, in one of the most DHPH countries I have ever been.
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