naamloos-58 Daan Klootwijk, St. Joost Art School, The Netherlands
It was a shot in the dark when I sended my portfolio to DHPH. I was just to hoping to get accepted because the stuff they make is designed by top designers. What I didn’t know is they make everything by hand which fits me perfectly.
Personally I’m very interested in techniques and from the talk I had with Bas den Herder I knew straight away that this was going to be the place for me. I’ve learned a lot about new techniques such as two-component clay, epoxy lacquers, wood working and metallurgy.
When I started my internship it took some getting used to because I can be quite stubborn. Eventually I found my way around the workshop and the works became familiar to me. I got my own projects quite soon which made me feel even more confident and gave me the impression I was more than just an intern.
The crew at DHPH is awesome too. We have had a lot of laughs but when it comes down to work they are all very professional. I’ve learned a lot about techniques but also about how a creative company comes together.
Thanks to DHPH I now know what I want to do, setting up my own business and conquer the world with my own products and designs.


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