Since we make most of our products and customs ourselves we have a vast workshop. This allows room for one intern at a time for a minimum period of 3 months, preferably longer. Besides the workshop we also have an office team, which also allows room for an intern.

You will be a part of the crew, assisting them with everything that’s going on. Besides this you can be involved in what happens in a production company in a very creative workfield and general support to the team and the studio.

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Experiences of interns
We asked some of our interns to share their experience with you.
Read their stories and feel free to contact them:


Teun van Orsouw, HKU Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, The Netherlands
As a HKU student you learn how to achieve under pressure, while preserving a certain level of originality, creativity, quality and depth. But the amount of assignments, accompanied with the load of work, makes it hard to maintain this level. So what I wished to learn… Continue reading →

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Raven van Boekel, The Netherlands
When I started my internship at DHPH I was quite inexperienced with working in the workshop. So my main goal was to get to know all the tools, techniques and learn about new materials. Coming in the workshop as the only girl… Continue reading →

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Kento Saisho, Rhode Island School of Design, United States of America
During my time working at DHPH, I think I learned and experienced something new every single day. From exploring the pathways and roads around the farm on bike, to MIG welding, claying and making furniture models… Continue reading →
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Stevie Lechner, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
A lot of people we look up to tell us it is among the most important things in our professional lives to find what we love. At DHPH I met a bunch of passionates each of which has found that very thing, reinventing themselves everyday… Continue reading →
Mat for website Mattia Fregola, ISIA Faenza, Italy; National College of Arts and Design, Dublin
After the internship, I now classify the word “DHPH” as a verb as well an adjective. It sums up all the words cool, fun, unique, enjoyable, meticulous, detailed, satisfactory. I learned many things in the world of design and got to a less romantic idea…  Continue reading →
Intern_Tom Schneider Tom Schneider, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design
From Big City Kid to Country Boy in three months, this kind of sums up my summer at DHPH. Working and learning from awesome and skilled people, living the highlife in the company trailer, feeding chicken, riding the tractor and getting firsthand insights in business and manufacturing processes is an experience I… Continue reading →
hausna Markus Gamsjäger aka Hausna, University of Applied Sciences Salzburg, Austria
When I stepped out of the train in Milan, to begin my internship for DHPH and Maarten Baas, I had no idea what to expect. It was kind of weird to get to know Bas, Maarten and the complete crazy crew, after only reading about my idols in design books and magazines. The time in Milan and the following time in Holland was… Continue reading →
fotoNIMA Nima Fardi, Politecnico di Milano, Milan
I think, being an intern in DHPH is more than what is called a “trainee”; it is learning a life style. Here, I had a great and exciting experience, learning continuously not only in the working hours, but also experiencing off hours. In the context of design, I learnt that my imagination could go anywhere; and I can easily pass the boarders… Continue reading →
SONY DSC Ruben van Herpen, NHTV Breda, The Netherlands
An awesome experience I’m not likely to have again! As the first office intern I had no idea what I could expect of an internship at a farm where dutch design furniture is produced. It is by far the most inspiring and creative environment I’ve ever worked in. Marketing the products DHPH is very fun to do because every single product really has a story of its own.
I’ve learned a lot … Continue reading →
SONY DSC Jamie Wolfond, Rhode Island School of Design, United States of America
Despite it’s ‘production internship’ title, my time at DHPH offered much more. It gave me an incredibly broad combination of physical and intellectual experiences. I came out of my summer with a thorough understanding of materials, production systems, and the way a designer reaches the consumer. Living on the farm was nothing short of incredible- I’ve never done anything like it!
ward_wijnant Ward Wijnant, Hout & Meubileringscollege Rotterdam, The Netherlands
During my internship at Den Herder Production House I was studying to be a furniture maker at the Hout & Meubileringscollege. I was looking for an internship at a company which produces modern furniture with untraditionally materials. Luckily Bas den Herder accepted me as an intern at the time they were experimenting with new materials in which they involved me very much. I helped designing… Continue reading →
naamloos-58 Daan Klootwijk, St. Joost Art School, The Netherlands
It was a shot in the dark when I sended my portfolio to DHPH. I was just to hoping to get accepted because the stuff they make is designed by top designers. What I didn’t know is they make everything by hand which fits me perfectly. Personally I’m very interested in techniques and from the talk I had with Bas den Herder… Continue reading →
IMG_8913 Marco de Bloeme, HMC Rotterdam, The Netherlands
As an apprenticeship in cabinetry, DHPH was not a typical wood workshop. Solid wood is only used in specials and plywood is only one of many other materials integrated into the products… Continue reading →
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