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Den Herder Production House

DHPH or Den Herder Production House is a producer and distributor of handmade products and custom made pieces. After years of working solely with Maarten Baas, DHPH has extended this collaboration format to other designers fitting our ways of making things. The works are hand made in our studio, in editions too small to warrant setting up a production line and too technical and with too much aesthetic variation to be outsourced. This layout gives us the flexibility to customize products from the standard collection and also to realize larger projects.

DHPH, the studio
farm7 Besides a continuing collaboration with Baas, DHPH is extending its experience in co-creation to other designers, architects, corporate brands and private clients. The Downstairs chandelier by BertjanPot, the Tools light by Fabien Dumas, the P.O.V. family by NIGHTSHOP, the Vilu light by gt2P, the Clay Furniture collection by Maarten Baas and the Temper Chair by Max Lipsey, are among others available as standard (catalogue-) items. Retailers can purchase directly from DHPH.
Maarten Baas and Bas den Herder

DHPH is derived from studio Baas & den Herder, in 2005 when Maarten Baas and Bas den Herder decided to team-up and together they founded Baas & den Herder BV. Maarten designed and Bas created. So when in 2006 Maarten came up with the Clay Furniture, Bas made it technically happen. All pieces are usable objects with the Clay Fan actually working like a normal fan. The pieces were presented at the Salone del Mobile in 2006 and in that same year the Design Museum in London displayed 18 pieces from the Clay collection.In the following years the cooperation between Maarten and Bas led to a way of working where the boundaries of what was possible were stretched. The Sculpt collection was an outcome of this, Maarten sketched and Bas sculpted them in his favourite material; metal. The metal was veneered giving it the great majestic feeling and look while the veneering of these pieces was close to being impossible. Sculpt was much bespoken collection on the Salone del Mobile in 2007.

In the years up to now various new products were made using new techniques and developing existing ones. Expositions, projects and commissions were executed around the world: Furniture for the Gramercy Park Hotel by Ian Schrager in NY, the restaurant for the Groninger Museum, Designer of the Year exposition at Design Miami and the almost yearly Salone del Mobile with a.o. the Real Time (2009) expo featuring the collection of clocks. The work was purchased immediately by the Rijksmuseum and in the same year by the Philip Johnson Glass House and the Zuiderzeemuseum, with whom a close collaboration came into existence. IMG_0171b
Over the years products were made and developed for design brands like Moooi, Established & Sons, Skitsch, Gispen and works were commissioned by well known brands all over the world. Working for various companies led to new ways of working which required restructuring the company to a more project organised organisation on top of the productions side of it.In April 2012 Bas extended the collaboration between Maarten and Bas to other designers like Bertjan Pot and Fabien Dumas. So Den Herder Production House, DHPH, was born. DHPH is a co-creation partner for designers, architects, private clients, retailers and others.

Den Herder Production House, DHPH

DHPH has extended even more, designers and design collaborations like Max Lipsey, NIGHTSHOP and gt2P are making their designs happen together with DHPH. These designs, that match DHPH’s way of making things, are made by a team of craftsmen who can handle the complexity of the pieces well enough, to make them look simple again in the end. This company layout allows us to customize products besides the existing catalog pieces. DHPH does so for private clients as well as architects and interior projects either through our network of sales points and galleries as well as directly to clients with customized pieces or installations.

In the studio, situated in an old farm in Gewande near ’s-Hertogenbosch, DHPH makes unique products, mostly by hand. The possibilties for customs, projects and commisions are close to endless as the designers creativity is met by the craft of DHPH. The interior of the Groninger Museum restaurant by Maarten Baas is a good illustration. The designs, like Bertjan’s FRAME Moooi Award wining ‘Downstairs Chandelier’ are made in small editions with variations in the amount of steps or customized with an integrated light computer.

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